Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Apache webserver

Installing the apache2 webserver was very easy
sudo apt-get install apache2
Now it should work. To test if the server is installed correct just type the ip address of your server into the address-bar of your browser and you should be seeing something like this
"It Worked! The Apache Web Server is Installed on this Web

"If you can see this page, then the people who own this
domain have just installed the Apache Web server software
successfully. They now have to add content to this directory
and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server
at their real content.
"If you are seeing this page instead of the site you expected,
please contact the administrator of the site involved. (Try
sending mail to .) Although this site is
running the Apache software it almost certainly has no other
connection to the Apache Group, so please do not send mail
about this site or its contents to the Apache authors. If you
do, your message will be ignored.

For more information on installing the apache2 webserver go to
Please note that I did not pay any attention to security of the server. This is because my server is still behind a firewall. So if you intend to host anything on the webserver please do some more research than I did.

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