Friday, August 11, 2006


The next step should be installing the software on the machine. But in this case it is a bit different. I borrowed a Removable Harddisk from a friend with a lot of data. The only free space I had was on my brand new harddisk. Unfortunatley I did not have the server up and running yet and I had to return the removable harddisk the next day. So I had to copy the data onto the harddisk using my desktop pc.

An issue here is that Microsoft Windows uses another file-system than Linux. So formatting the harddisk as NTFS- file system was no option. My first thought was that fat32 file system could be read by both linux and windows. But the problem with fat32 is that the maximum partition-size seems to be 32gig. Luckily I once experimented a bit with a Linux distribution called Ubuntu. Although I had not used this for a long time. I did not really see another option than to format the harddisk with a Linux OS.

So I plugged in the Harddisk and started Ubuntu (5.10). After clicking for a while I couldn`t find a GUI-program to format the disk. So I decided to give a try with the terminal. With help of forums on the internet I found a way.

I gave the comment:
sudo fdisk /dev/hdd
Ubuntu is configured in a way that when you type "sudo" in front of you command it will be run as root-user. I found out the name of the harddisk (/dev/hdd) with help of the GUI of Ubuntu. Of course there is a way to view this in the terminal, but I don`t know how.

here you can find the steps to follow.
I chose to make 1 primary partition.
After this I gave the command
sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/hdd1

This did the trick for me.

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